Sales and Enquiry Management

Deliver an excellent customer experience with a powerful sales process. Using Blueprints, your team will be guided through each step of the process to help you win every contract.

Using the sales enquiry pipeline, you can see every opportunity including the status, estimated value, comments, activity, and customer information. You can quickly and easily compete follow ups, send emails or SMS messages, create tasks, bookings and complete follow ups.

With powerful automations to minimise your effort to keep on top of your enquiry pipeline, you will never miss an opportunity to engage with clients and secure the deal.

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Sales and Enquiry Management


Integrated Website Contact Forms
Email/SMS Template and Automations
Blueprints for Structured Sales Process
Meeting Booking Management
Google Address and Map Integration
Multiple Client Location Management
Multi-Tiered Client Relationship
Sales Pipelines and Dashboards
Discovery Process and Digital Questionnaires
Preliminary Agreements

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Enquiry Pipeline Management

Make managing sales enquiries quick and easy, with our exclusive Enquiry Pipeline widget in Zoho CRM. All the information you need, including preferred contact details, enquiry information and progress updates is easy to see.

You don’t need to open records to read the last note, using the Quick Comment feature can you add notes, view history, and reply to previous comments. You can also send comments in an SMS.

The pipeline is automatically updated with any new enquiries. It’s simple to filter, search and drill down on all sales opportunities, to find enquiries and see your pipeline value.

Find and Add

Many businesses struggle with duplicate customers in software applications. We are passionate about never duplicating data, so we have developed an exclusive solution called the 'Find and Add'.

The Find and Add widget creates a new Enquiry record, for each new sales opportunity. It automatically searches your database, for matching Leads, Accounts and Contacts.

This means every individual or business you deal with, only has one customer record. That customer record links all relationships, enquiries, sales and financial transactions.

Customers are never duplicated and in one click, you can see the full history of all their records.

Preliminary Agreements

Businesses often struggle with creating preliminary agreements, a crucial step in securing deals. That's why our exclusive Preliminary Agreement is the ultimate solution. With it, we ensure smoother transactions and solidify commitments from the get-go.

The Preliminary Agreement simplifies the entire process, allowing you to input client details effortlessly and customise services and pricing with just a few clicks. Its seamless functionality not only saves time but also enhances the overall client experience, leading to quicker deal closures.

Experience the efficiency of our Preliminary Agreement, streamlining processes and accelerating deal closures. Enjoy the benefits of smoother transactions, increased client satisfaction, and more time for core business activities.

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