Projects and Schedules

Builders Excellence seamlessly incorporates Zoho Applications to develop project schedules, oversee resources and compliance, monitor deadlines for RFQs and selections, and handle timesheets, ensuring your project stays on schedule and within budget.

Start your project management right from the estimate stage. Identify labour and purchase deadlines to build comprehensive schedules. Assign tasks to internal resources or subcontractors, and track progress with comments and documents. Seamlessly link digital forms to tasks for site inspections or compliance reports, customised to fit specific project needs.

Enhance transparency and collaboration by publishing project schedules to client and subcontractor portals. Proactively manage warranty issues and defects, receive deadline alerts, and maintain an up-to-date payment forecast.

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Projects and Schedules


Job Admin Pipelines
Push Estimate Items to Project Tasks
Project Gantt Charts
Team Capacity Planning
Production Management
Variation Management/Client Approvals
Site Delivery Management
Site Reports and Inspections
Site Photo Gallery
Document Management
Team Live Chat

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Facing project management challenges is a common ordeal for businesses. Our specialised approach with Zoho Projects directly tackles this, guaranteeing seamless project execution.

Zoho Projects simplifies tasks through features like Gannt Charts and critical path management, promoting efficiency and teamwork for successful outcomes.

Unlock the full potential of Zoho Projects to streamline processes and maximise resource efficiency. From performance tracking to budget management, it's the key to timely and cost-effective project completion, propelling business triumph.

Document Management

Businesses often struggle with organising and managing important documents, impacting efficiency and productivity. Builders Excellence addresses this challenge with its exclusive Zoho Workdrive, offering secure and seamless file management.

Zoho Workdrive securely stores documents, images, videos, and spreadsheets in easily shareable folders. These folders can sync to the portal and link to customer records in Zoho CRM, improving accessibility and organisation.

Zoho Workdrive streamlines processes, promoting efficiency and effectiveness. With strong security settings and mobile access, it keeps teams connected and productive, wherever they are.

Managing Jobs and Key Dates

In the construction industry, staying organised is crucial for success. Builders Excellence Job Management offers a single, user-friendly platform where project scheduling, material management, and paperwork are centralised.

This solution simplifies project management by consolidating tasks like scheduling, procurement, and paperwork in one place. It ensures easy access to all project details, such as site info, contacts, and meeting notes.

Builders Excellence Job Management also streamlines administrative tasks like creating estimates and sending invoices quickly, boosting efficiency. It fosters clear team communication, ensuring everyone stays informed and aligned. Plus, real-time financial tracking helps businesses manage budgets and make informed decisions.

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