What is Builders Excellence

The idea of Builders Excellence started in 2017. Software Consultants who provided training on traditional software, like BuilderTrend and BuildXACT recognised a need to address the shortfalls not supported by other platforms.

With an in-depth knowledge of construction, accounting and software they decided to develop exclusive solutions using ZohoOne, to addresses the shortfalls of other systems.

ZohoOne is a global platform that has powerful tools like widgets, automations, AI and integrations. These powerful tools are implemented by skilled developers and software consultants. The software is leading edge, but implementation is often too costly, to customise the application for builders.

Builders Excellence was created to solve that problem. It took a team of 25 Software experts 6 years to develop the ultimate industry solution. Offered on a subscription model, Builders Excellence provides an exclusive Zoho set up that gives every builder the opportunity to use leading edge technology.

Additional Services

Additional services are offered to continuously enhance your system. We provide training or implementation services for additional requirements like customising digital forms, templates, contracts and website integrations. Reach out to our team to talk to an expert.

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