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Exclusive to Builders Excellence

MAW is Zoho at its best, the world’s first application for builders that uses a Global Eco Platform.

With more than 50 million users, plus over 7,000 employees committed to the evolution of technology, Zoho is one of fastest growing software applications in the world.

Using Zoho’s powerful suite of solutions and development tools, MAW Software fills the gaps not supported by proprietary applications and is exclusive to Builders Excellence.

A software that unlocks the full potential
of your building business

Managing Sales Opportunities and Variations

  • Create enquiry records and find related leads, contacts and accounts automatically
  • Replace manual steps and eliminate human error through advanced automations
  • Integrate website contact forms and respond to customers quickly
  • Manage group enquiries, tender groups, Google addresses and more

Building Estimates and Proposals

  • Get selections and options for Bills of Materials with allowances related to estimates
  • Set deadlines for your order form options and link to your project schedule
  • Enjoy automatic support for calculating quantities, pricing or logic
  • Use portals to give your customers project visibility and automatically update their budget

Managing Your Materials and Labour Database

  • Keep tabs on your warehouse stock and stock levels
  • Ensure calculations accurately reflect current stock position
  • Link stock to a production job and track costs associated with production
  • Update your Bills of Materials quickly and easily without any duplication of data

Purchasing, Invoicing and Forecasting

  • Manage your purchase order receives and receipts using exclusive widgets
  • Facilitate collaboration between your operational and accounting teams
  • Upload bills into your accounting system almost immediately using OCR technology
  • Integrate your supplier invoices from your accounting system into your CRM

Jobs, Schedules and Timesheets

  • Make it easier to manage jobs by enabling views for sales orders and items included
  • Use timesheets, tasks or tickets for other processes such as reconciling your job budget
  • Assign ad hoc tasks to your budget to make sure costs are reconciled
  • Streamline timesheet reconciliation for budget job budgets

Managing Inspections, Checklists and Compliance

  • Complete easy-to-access forms that are available even offline in any location
  • Create trackers, sync to projects and update your tracker records easily
  • Attach photos and documents to completed forms
  • Integrate forms into your CRM and use them to support your end-to-end business process

Team Dashboards and Job Budgets

  • Easily view the cashflow position of any customer, job or contract
  • Calculate individual or business performance with data collected from multiple modules
  • Sync data from your various applications to create dashboards and advanced reports
  • Calculate timesheet value and use automation to produce accurate WIP reports

Staff Incentives and Payroll Reports

  • Automate payroll reports incorporating timesheet data to calculate individual entitlement
  • Keep track of transaction statements and payment history
  • Include ordinary hours, overtime hours and rates, RDO and leave information in your calculations
  • Sync your payroll data with your Xero accounting system

Customer Portals and After Sales Care

  • Provide a help desk for customer support
  • Create a tailored customer experience with custom portals that act as an extension of your website
  • Send tickets to CRM to automatically generate an enquiry without creating duplicate records
  • Enable customers to access order tracking, invoices and downloads

Using Marketing Tools to Grow your Business

  • Segment your database and create targeted campaigns
  • Use tools including email campaigns, digital surveys, social media integration and live chat
  • Get support for configuring marketing tools and setting up the integrations
  • Integrate your leads and contacts and target customers without any manual data entry

Face to Face Intensive Training

Learn MAW with Zoho in 4 Days

In 4 days you will learn everything you need to know about using Zoho to manage your business from Sales Enquiries, to Stock Management, Financial Management, Scheduling & Timesheets, Digital Forms and Portals, plus how to track and manage your teams Performance and Job Budgets using Advanced Reports and Dashboards.

  • Managing Sales Opportunities and Variations
  • Building Estimates and Proposals
  • Jobs, Schedules and Timesheets
  • Managing Inspections, Checklists and Compliance
  • Managing Your Materials and Labour Database
  • Purchasing, Invoicing and Forecasting
  • Team Dashboards and Job Budgets
  • Staff Incentives and Payroll Reports
  • Customer Portals and After Sales Care
  • Using Marketing Tools to Grow your Business